Indesit iwc6083 Washer User Manual

Technical data
IWC 6083
width 59.5 cm
height 85 cm
depth 52,5 cm
from 1 to 6 kg
please refer to the technical data
plate fixed to the machine
Water connections
maximum pressure 1 MPa (10 bar)
minimum pressure 0.05 MPa (0.5 bar)
drum capacity 46 litres
Spin speed
up to 800 rotations per minute
Energy rated
according to
EN 60456
programme 2; temperature 60°C;
using a load of 6 kg.
This appliance conforms to the
following EC Directives:
- 89/336/EEC dated 03/05/89
(Electromagnetic Compatibility) and
subsequent modifications
- 2002/96/EC
- 2006/95/EC Low Voltage)
65 - 100 cm
Connecting the drain hose
Connect the drain hose,
without bending it, to a
drainage duct or a wall
drain located at a height
between 65 and 100 cm
from the floor;
alternatively, rest it on
the side of a washbasin
or bathtub, fastening the
duct supplied to the tap
(see figure). The free end
of the hose should not
be underwater.
We advise against the use of hose extensions; if it is
absolutely necessary, the extension must have the
same diameter as the original hose and must not
exceed 150 cm in length.
Electrical connections
Before plugging the appliance into the electricity
socket, make sure that:
the socket is earthed and complies with all
applicable laws;
the socket is able to withstand the maximum power
load of the appliance as indicated in the Technical
data table (see opposite);
the power supply voltage falls within the values
indicated in the Technical data table (see opposite);
the socket is compatible with the plug of the
washing machine. If this is not the case, replace
the socket or the plug.
The washing machine must not be installed
outdoors, even in covered areas. It is extremely
dangerous to leave the appliance exposed to rain,
storms and other weather conditions.
When the washing machine has been installed, the
electricity socket must be within easy reach.
Do not use extension cords or multiple sockets.
The cable should not be bent or compressed.
The power supply cable must only be replaced by
authorised technicians.
Warning! The company shall not be held responsible
in the event that these regulations are not respected.
The first wash cycle
Once the appliance has been installed, and before
you use it for the first time, run a wash cycle with
detergent and no laundry, using the wash cycle 3.