DEFY WMY 71283 MLCW Washer User Manual

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Washing Machine / User’s Manual
4.1.4 Connecting water supply
The water supply pressure required to run the product is between 1 to 10 bars (0.1 – 1 MPa). It is necessary to have
10 – 80 liters of water flowing from the fully open tap in one minute to have your machine run smoothly. Attach a pressure
reducing valve if the water pressure is higher.
If you are going to use the double water-inlet product as a single (cold) water-inlet unit, you must install the supplied stopper
to the hot water valve before operating the product. (Applies for the products supplied with a blind stopper group.)
CAUTION: Models with a single water inlet should not be connected to the hot water tap. In such a case the laundry will
get damaged or the product will switch to protection mode and will not operate.
CAUTION: Do not use old or used water inlet hoses on the new product. It may cause stains on your laundry.
Connect the special water supply hoses supplied with the product to the water inlets on the
product. Red hose (left) (max. 90 ºC) is for hot water inlet, blue hose (right) (max. 25 ºC) is
for cold water inlet.
Make sure that the hot and cold water taps are connected correctly when the product is
being installed. Otherwise, your laundry will come out hot at the end of the washing process
and wear out.
1 Tighten the nuts of the hose by hand. Never use a tool when
tightening the nuts.
2 When the hose connection is completed, check whether there is
leak a problem at the connection points by opening the taps fully.
If there is a leak, turn off the tap and remove the nut. Retighten the
nut carefully after checking the seal. In order to prevent water leaks
and resultant damages, keep the taps closed when the product is
not in use.
4.1.5 Connecting the drain hose to the drain
• Attach the end of the drain hose directly to the waste water drain, lavatory or bathtub.
CAUTION: Your house will be flooded if the hose comes out of its housing during water discharge. Moreover, there is
the risk of scalding due to high washing temperatures! In order to prevent this from occurring, ensure that the machine
performs the water intake and discharge processes without any problem. Fix the drain hose securely.
• Connect the drain hose to a minimum height of 40 cm
and a maximum height of 100 cm.
• In case the drain hose is elevated after laying it on the
floor level or close to the ground (less than 40 cm above
the ground), water discharge becomes more difficult and
the laundry may come out excessively wet. Therefore,
follow the heights described in the figure.
• To prevent the waste water from going back into the machine again and to ensure easy drainage, do not
immerse the end of the hose into the waste water or do not insert it into the drain for more than a distance
than 15 cm. If it is too long, cut it shorter.
• The end of the hose should not be bent, it should not be stepped on and the hose must not be pinched
between the drain and the machine.
• If the length of the hose is too short, then add an original extension hose. The length of the hose may not be
longer than 3.2 m. To avoid water leak failures, the connection between the extension hose and the drain
hose of the product must be fitted well with an appropriate clamp so as not to come off and leak.