DEFY WMY 71283 MLCW Washer User Manual

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Washing Machine / User’s Manual
4.3.2 Programme selection
1 Determine the programme suitable for the type, quantity and soiling level of the laundry in accordance with
the "Programme and consumption table".
1 Select the desired programme with the “Programme Selection” knob.
Programmes are limited with the highest spin speed appropriate for that particular type of fabric.
When selecting the programme to be used, always take fabric type, color, soil degree and permitted water temperature into
Always select the lowest temperature value which is best suited to your laundry type. Higher temperature means higher power
4.3.3 Programmes
• Cottons
Use for your cotton laundry (such as bed sheets, duvet and pillowcase sets, towels, bathrobes, underwear,
etc.). Your laundry will be washed with a vigorous washing action and also for a longer washing cycle.
• Synthetics
Use to wash your synthetic clothes (shirts, blouses, synthetic/cotton blends, etc.). It washes with a gentle
action and has a shorter washing cycle in comparison to the Cottons programme.
For curtains and tulle, use the Synthetic 40˚C programme with prewash and anti-creasing functions selected.
As their meshed texture causes excessive foaming, wash veils/tulle by putting a small amount of detergent
into the main wash compartment. Do not put detergent into the prewash compartment.
• Woollens
Use to wash woolen clothes. Select the appropriate temperature complying with the tags of your clothes. Use
appropriate detergents for woolens.
“The wool wash cycle of this machine has been approved by The Woolmark Company for the washing of machine washable
wool products provided that the products are washed according to the instructions on the garment label and those issued by
the manufacturer of this washing machine. M14063.”
“In UK, Eire, Hong Kong and India the Woolmark trade mark is a Certification trade mark.”
• Cotton Economic
Use to wash your normally soiled, durable cotton and linen laundry. Although it washes longer than all other
programmes, it provides high energy and water savings. Actual water temperature may be different from the
stated wash temperature. When you load the machine with less laundry (e.g. ½ capacity or less), programme
time may automatically get shorter. In this case, energy and water consumption will decrease more, providing
a more economic wash. This programme is available in the models with the remaining time indicator.
• BabyProtect+
Use this programme for your laundry for which you require an anti-allergic and hygienic washing at a high
temperature with an intensive and long washing cycle.
• Gentle Care 20°
Use it to wash your delicate laundry. It washes with a gentler action without any interim spins compared to the
Synthetics program. It should be used for which a sensitive wash is recommended.
• Hand wash
Use to wash your woolen/delicate clothes that bear “not machine-washable” tags and for which hand wash is
recommended. It washes laundry with a very gentle washing action so as not to damage clothes.
• Daily express
Use this programme to wash your lightly soiled cotton clothes in a short time.
• Super short express
Use to wash your lightly soiled and unstained cotton laundry in a short time.
• Darkcare
Use this programme to wash your dark colored laundry or colored laundry that you do not want to become
faded. Washing is performed with little mechanical action and at low temperatures. It is recommended to use
liquid detergent or woolen shampoo for dark coloured laundry.
• Mixed 40 (Mix 40)
Use to wash shirts together that are made of cotton, synthetic and synthetic blended fabrics.
• Shirts
Use to wash the shirts made of cotton, synthetic and synthetic blended fabrics together.