DEFY WMY 71283 MLCW Washer User Manual

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Washing Machine / User’s Manual
In order to cancel the End Time function, press the On / Off button to switch the machine on or off.
Do not use liquid detergents when you activate the End Time function! There is a risk of staining of the clothes.
1 Open the loading door, place the laundry and put detergent, etc.
2 Select the washing programme, temperature, spin speed and, if required, the auxiliary functions.
3 Set the end time of your choice by pressing the End Time button. The End Time indicator illuminates.
4 Press the Start / Pause button. Time countdown starts. “:” sign in the middle of the end time on the display
starts flashing.
Additional laundry may be loaded during the End Time countdown period. At the end of the countdown, the End Time
indicator turns off, the washing cycle starts and the time of the selected programme appears on the display.
When the End Time selection is completed, the time that appears on the screen consists of end time plus the duration of
the selected programme.
4.3.9 Starting the programme
1. Press the Start / Pause button to start the programme.
2. The Programme follow-up light showing the startup of the programme will turn on.
If no programme is started or no key is pressed within 1-10 minutes during the programme selection process, the machine
will switch to OFF mode. The Display and all indicators are turned off.
The selected programme data will be displayed if you press the On / Off button.
4.3.10 Loading door lock
There is a locking system on the loading door of the machine that prevents opening of the door in cases when
the water level is unsuitable.
"Door Locked" LED in the panel turns on when the loading door is locked.
4.3.11 Changing the selections after the programme has started
After the programme has started you can make the following changes: Switching the machine to pause mode:
Press the Start/Pause button to switch the machine to pause mode while a programme is running. The light
indicating the Start/Pause status and programme step starts flashing on the Programme Follow-up indicator
to show that the machine has been switched to the pause mode. The loading door light will also flash until the
door is ready to be opened. When the loading door is ready to be opened, the loading door light will switch off
and the programme step indicator and Start / Stop LED continue to flash.
When the loading door is ready to be opened, the Loading Door light will also switch off in addition to the
programme step light. Changing the auxiliary function, speed and temperature
Depending on the step the programme has reached, you can cancel or select the auxiliary functions. See,
"Auxiliary function selection".
You can also change the speed and temperature settings. See, "Spin speed selection" and "Temperature
If no change is allowed, the relevant light will flash 3 times.