DEFY WMY 71283 MLCW Washer User Manual

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Washing Machine / User’s Manual
Using liquid detergents
If the product contains a liquid detergent cup:
Put the liquid detergent container into
compartment no “2”.
If the liquid detergent has lost its fluidity, dilute
it with water before putting it into the detergent
If the product does not contain a liquid detergent cup:
• Do not use liquid detergent for the prewash in a programme with prewash.
• Liquid detergent stains your clothes when used with the Delayed Start function. If you are going to use the
Delayed Start function, do not use liquid detergent.
Using gel and tablet detergent
• If the gel detergent thickness is fluidal and your machine does not contain a special liquid detergent cup,
put the gel detergent into the main wash detergent compartment during the first water intake. If your
machine contains a liquid detergent cup, fill the detergent into this cup before starting the programme.
• If the gel detergent thickness is not fluidal or in the shape of a capsule liquid tablet, put it directly into the
drum before washing.
• Place tablet detergents into the main wash compartment (compartment nr. "2") or directly into the drum
before washing.
Using starch
• Put liquid soda, powder soda or fabric dye into the softener compartment.
Do not use softener and starch together in a washing cycle.
Wipe the inside of the machine with a damp and clean cloth after using starch.
Using limescale remover
• When required, use limescale removers manufactured specifically for washing machines only.
Using bleaches
Add bleach at the beginning of the washing cycle by selecting a prewash program. Do not put detergent in
the prewash compartment. As an alternative application, select a programme with extra rinse and add the
bleaching agent while the machine is taking water from the detergent compartment during the first rinsing
• Do not use bleaching agent and detergent together by mixing them.
• Use only a little amount (approx. 50 ml) of bleaching agent and rinse the clothes very well as it causes skin
irritation. Do not pour the bleach onto the laundry and do not use it with the colored items.
• When using oxygen-based decolorant, select a programme which washes the laundry at a low temperature.
• Oxygen-based decolorant can be used with the detergent; however, if it is not at the same consistency, first
put detergent into compartment number “2” in the detergent dispenser and wait for the machine to flush
the detergent while taking in water. Whilst the machine continues taking in water, add decolorant in the
same compartment.