DEFY WMY 71283 MLCW Washer User Manual

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Washing Machine / User’s Manual
4.4 Maintenance and cleaning
The service life of the product extends and frequently experienced problems will be reduced if it is cleaned at
regular intervals.
4.4.1 Cleaning the detergent drawer
Clean the detergent drawer at regular intervals (every 4-5 washing cycles) as
shown below in order to prevent accumulation of powder detergent over time.
Lift the rear part of the siphon to remove it as illustrated.
If more than the normal amount of water and softener mixture starts to gather in
the softener compartment, the siphon must be cleaned.
1 Press the dotted point on the siphon in the softener compartment and pull towards you until the
compartment is removed from the machine.
2. Wash the detergent drawer and the siphon with plenty of lukewarm water in a washbasin. In order
to prevent the residues from coming into contact with your skin, wear a pair of gloves and clean the
drawer and siphon with a suitable brush.
3 After cleaning, refit the drawer and ensure that it is seated well.
4.4.2 Cleaning the loading door and the drum
For products with drum cleaning programme, please see Operating the product - Programmes.
For products without drum cleaning, follow the below steps to clean the drum:
Select the Additional Water or the Extra Rinse auxiliary functions. Use the Cottons programme without
pre-wash. Set the temperature to the level recommended on the drum cleaning agent which can be
provided from authorized services. Apply this procedure without any laundry in the product. Before
starting the programme, put 1 pouch of special drum cleaning agent (if the special agent could not be
supplied, put max. 100g of anti-limescale powder) into the main wash detergent compartment (compartment
no. „2“). If the anti-limescale is in tablet form, put only one tablet into the main wash compartment no. „2“.
Dry the inside of the bellow with a clean piece of cloth after the programme has come to an end.
Repeat Drum Cleaning process every 2 months.
Use an anti-limescale suitable for washing machines.
After washing make sure that no foreign substance is left in the drum.
If the holes on the bellow shown in the figure is blocked, open the holes using a
Foreign metal substances will cause rust stains in the drum. Clean the stains on the
drum surface by using cleaning agents for stainless steel.
Never use steel wool or wire wool. These will damage the painted, chromated and
plastic surfaces.
4.4.3 Cleaning the body and control panel
Wipe the body of the machine with soapy water or non-corrosive mild gel detergents as necessary, and dry
with a soft cloth.
Use only a soft and damp cloth to clean the control panel.