DEFY WMY 71283 MLCW Washer User Manual

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Washing Machine / User’s Manual
4.1 Installation
• Contact your nearest authorised service agent for the installation of your product.
• Preparation of location, electrical, tap water and waste water installations at the place of installation is the
customer‘s responsibility.
• Make sure that the water inlet and discharge hoses as well as the power cable are not folded, pinched or
crushed while pushing the product into its place after installation or cleaning procedures.
• Make sure that the installation and electrical connections of the product are performed by an authorised
service agent. The manufacturer shall not be held liable for damages that may arise from procedures
carried out by unauthorized persons.
• Prior to installation, visually check if the product has any defects on it. If so, do not have it installed.
Damaged products are a safety risk.
4.1.1 Appropriate installation location
• Place the product on a hard and level floor. Do not place it on a carpet with a high pile or other similar
• When the washing machine and drier are placed on top of each other, their total weight –when loaded–
amounts to 180 kilograms. Place the product on a solid and flat floor that has sufficient load carrying
• Do not place the product on the power cable.
• Do not install the product in environments where the temperature falls below 0 ºC.
• Leave a minimum space of 1 cm between the machine and the furniture.
• If the floor is graduated, do not place the product next to the edge or on a platform.
4.1.2 Removing packaging reinforcement
Tilt the machine backwards to remove the packaging reinforcement.
Remove the packaging reinforcement by pulling the ribbon. Do not make
this operation alone by yourself.
4.1.3 Removing the transportation locks
1 Loose all bolts with an appropriate wrench until they turn freely (C).
2 Remove the transport safety bolts by turning them slightly.
3 Insert the plastic covers, found in the bag containing the user manual, into the openings on the rear
panel. (P)
CAUTION: Remove the transportation safety bolts before operating the washing machine! Otherwise, the product will be
Keep the transportation safety bolts in a safe place to reuse should the washing machine need to be moved again in the
Install the transport safety bolts in reverse order of the disassembly procedure.
Never move the product without the transportation safety bolts properly fixed in place!