DEFY WMY 71283 MLCW Washer User Manual

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Washing Machine / User’s Manual
Problem Reason Solution
Too much foam forms in the
machine. (**)
Improper detergents for the washing machine are
being used.
Use detergents appropriate for the washing
Excessive amount of detergent is used. Use only sufficient amount of detergent.
Detergent was stored under improper conditions. Store detergent in a closed and dry location. Do
not store in excessively hot places.
Some meshed laundry such as tulle may foam too
much because of their texture.
Use smaller amounts of detergent for this type
of item.
Detergent is put into the wrong compartment. Put the detergent into the correct compartment.
Softener is being taken early. There may be problem in the valves or in the
detergent dispenser. Call the Authorized Service
Foam is overflowing from the
detergent drawer.
Too much detergent is used. Mix 1 tablespoonful softener and ½ l water and
pour into the main wash compartment of the
detergent drawer.
Put detergent into the machine suitable for the
programmes and maximum loads indicated in the
“Programme and consumption table”. When you
use additional chemicals (stain removers, bleachs
and etc), reduce the amount of detergent.
Laundry remains wet at the end of
the programme. (*)
Excessive foam might have occurred and automatic
foam absorption system might have been activated
due to too much detergent usage.
Use recommended amount of detergent.
(*) Machine does not switch to spinning step when the laundry is not evenly distributed in the drum to prevent any damage to the machine
and to its surrounding environment. Laundry should be rearranged and re-spun.
(**) Regular drum cleaning is not applied. Clean the drum regularly. See 4.4.2
CAUTION: If you cannot eliminate the problem although you follow the instructions in this section, consult your dealer or the
Authorized Service Agent. Never try to repair a nonfunctional product yourself.