DEFY WMY 71283 MLCW Washer User Manual

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Washing Machine / User’s Manual
4.3.7 Auxiliary function selection
Select the desired auxiliary functions before starting the programme.
Whenever a programme is selected, if a relevant auxiliary function is selected its related indicator light will
Indicator lights of the auxiliary functions that are not allowed to be selected with the current programme will flash and an
audio warning is given.
Furthermore, you may also select or cancel auxiliary functions that are suitable to the running programme
after the washing cycle starts. If the wash cycle has reached a point where no auxiliary function can be
selected, an audio warning will be given and the related auxiliary function's light will flash.
Some functions cannot be selected together. If a second auxiliary function conflicting with the first one is selected before
starting the machine, the function selected first will be cancelled and the second auxiliary function selection will remain
active. For example, if you want to select Quick Wash after you have selected the Additional Water, Additional Water will be
cancelled and Quick Wash will remain active.
An auxiliary function that is not compatible with the programme cannot be selected. (See, “Programme and consumption
Some programmes have auxiliary functions that must be operated simultaneously. Those functions cannot be cancelled. The
frame of the auxiliary function will not be illuminated, only inner area will be illuminated.
• Prewash
A Prewash is only worthwhile for heavily soiled laundry. Not using the Prewash will save energy, water,
detergent and time.
• Quick Wash
This function can be used in Cottons and Synthetics programmes. It decreases the washing times and also the
number of rinsing steps for lightly soiled laundry.
When you select this function, load your machine with half of the maximum laundry specified in the programme table.
• Rinse Plus
This function enables the machine to make an additional rinsing over and above the one already made after
the main wash. Thus, the risk for sensitive skins (babies, allergic skins, etc.) is reduced due to there being less
detergent remnants on the laundry.
• Anti-Creasing
This function minimizes the creasing effect on clothes being washed. Drum movement is reduced and spin
speed is limited to prevent creasing. In addition, washing is done with a higher water level.
• Rinse Hold
If you are not going to unload the laundry immediately after the programme completes, then use the rinse hold
function to keep laundry in the final rinsing water in order to prevent wrinkling when there is no water in the
machine. Press the Start / Pause button after this process to drain the water without spinning the laundry. The
programme will resume and complete after draining the water.
If you want to spin the laundry held in the water, adjust the Spin Speed and press the Start / Pause button.
The programme resumes. Water is drained, laundry is spun and the programme is completed.
• Pet hair removal
This function helps with the removal of remaining pet hair from your garments more effectively.
When you select this function, Prewash and Extra Rinse steps are added to the normal programme. Thus,
washing is performed with more water (30%) and the pet hair is removed more effectively.
WARNING: Never wash your pets in the washing machine.
4.3.8 End Time
With the End Time function, the startup of the programme may be delayed by up to 24 hours. After pressing
the End Time button, the programme's estimated ending time is displayed. If the End Time is adjusted, the
End Time indicator is illuminated.
In order for the End Time function to be activated and the programme to be completed at the end of the
specified time, you must press the Start / Pause button after adjusting the time.