DEFY WMY 71283 MLCW Washer User Manual

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Washing Machine / User’s Manual
4.4.4 Cleaning the water intake filters
There is a filter at the end of each water intake valve at the rear of the machine and also at the end of each
water intake hose where they are connected to the tap. These filters prevent foreign substances and dirt in
the water from enter the washing machine. Filters must be cleaned as they do get dirty.
1. Close the taps.
2. Remove the nuts of the water intake hoses to access
the filters on the water intake valves. Clean them with an
appropriate brush. If the filters are too dirty, remove them
with a pair of pliers and then clean them.
3. Take out the filters on the flat ends of the water intake
hoses together with the gaskets and clean thoroughly
under running water.
4. Carefully replace the seals and filters and tighten their
nuts by hand.
4.4.5 Draining remaining water and cleaning the pump filter
The filter system in your machine prevents solid items such as buttons, coins and fabric fibers clogging the
pump impeller during discharge of washing water. Thus, the water will be discharged without any problem and
the service life of the pump will be extended.
If the machine fails to drain water, the pump filter is clogged. The filter must be cleaned whenever it is clogged
or once in every 3 months. Water must be drained off first to clean the pump filter.
In addition, prior to transporting the machine (e.g., when moving to another house) and in case of freezing of
the water, water may have to be drained completely.
CAUTION: Foreign substances left in the pump filter may damage your machine or may cause noise problems.
CAUTION: If the product is not being used, turn off the tap, remove the mains pipe and drain the water inside the
machine to prevent any freezing from occurring.
CAUTION: After each use, turn off the water tap which is connected to the mains hose.
In order to clean the dirty filter and discharge the water:
1 Unplug the machine to cut off the supply power.
CAUTION: Temperature of the water inside the machine may rise up to 90 ºC. To avoid a burning risk, clean the filter
after the water inside the machine has cooled down.
2. Open the filter cover.
3 Follow the below procedures in order to drain in water.
If the product has an emergency water drainage hose: To drain the water do the following:
a Pull the emergency draining hose out from its seat
b Place a large container at the end of the hose. Drain
the water into the container by pulling out the plug at
the end of the hose. When the container is full, block
the inlet of the hose by replacing the plug. After the
container is emptied, repeat the above procedure to
drain the water in the machine completely.
c When the drainage of water has completed, close
the end by the plug again and fix the hose in its
d Turn and remove the pump filter.