DEFY WMY 71283 MLCW Washer User Manual

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Washing Machine / User’s Manual
5 Troubleshooting
Problem Reason Solution
Program does not start after
closing the door.
Start / Pause / Cancel button was not pressed. *Press the Start / Pause / Cancel button.
Programme cannot be started or
Washing machine has switched to self protection
mode due to a supply problem (line voltage, water
pressure, etc.).
Press and hold the On / Off button for 3 seconds.
(see. "Cancellation of programmi")
Water in the machine. Some water might have remained in the product due
to the quality control processes in production.
This is not a failure; water is not harmful to the
Machine does not fill with water. Tap is turned off. Turn on the taps.
Water inlet hose is bent. Flatten the hose.
Water inlet filter is clogged. Clean the filter.
Loading door may be open. Close the door.
Machine does not drain water. Water drain hose might be clogged or twisted. Clean or flatten the hose.
Pump filter is clogged. Clean the pump filter.
Machine vibrates or makes noise. Machine might be standing unbalanced. Adjust the feet to level the machine.
A hard substance might have entered into the pump
Clean the pump filter.
Transportation safety bolts are not removed. Remove the transportation safety bolts.
Amount of laundry in the machine may be too little. Add more laundry to the machine.
Machine might be overloaded with laundry. Take out some of the laundry from the machine
or distribute the load by hand to balance it
homogenously in the machine.
Machine might be leaning on a rigid item. Make sure that the machine is not leaning on
There is water leaking from the
bottom of the washing machine.
Water drain hose might be clogged or twisted. Clean or flatten the hose.
Pump filter is clogged. Clean the pump filter.
Machine stopped shortly after the
programme started.
Machine might have stopped temporarily due to low
It will resume running when the voltage is restored
to the normal level.
Machine directly discharges the
water it takes in.
Drainage hose might not be at adequate height. Connect the water drainage hose as described in
the instruction manual.
No water can be seen in the
machine during washing.
The water level is not visible from outside of the
washing machine.
This is not a failure.
Loading door cannot be opened. Door lock is activated because of the water level in
the machine.
Drain the water by running the Pump or Spin
Machine is heating up the water or it is in the spinning
Wait until the programme completes.
The child lock is engaged. The door lock will be
deactivated a couple of minutes after the programme
has come to an end.
Wait for a couple of minutes for deactivation of
the door lock.
Washing takes longer time than
specified in the manual.(*)
Water pressure is low. Machine waits until taking in adequate amount
of water to prevent poor washing quality due to
the decreased amount of water. Therefore, the
washing time extends.
Voltage might be low. Washing time is prolonged to avoid poor washing
results when the supply voltage is low.
Input temperature of water might be low. The required time to heat up the water extends
in cold seasons. Also, washing time can be
lengthened to prevent poor washing results.
Number of rinses and/or amount of rinse water might
have increased.
Machine increases the amount of rinse water
when more rinsing is needed and adds an extra
rinsing step if necessary.
Excessive foam might have occurred and the
automatic foam absorption system might have been
activated due to too much detergent usage.
Use recommended amount of detergent.