Cisco Systems Cisco Unity 3.1 Washer/Dryer User Manual

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Avaya Definity Gx/PBXLink Integration Guide for
Cisco Unity 3.1
Revised February 10, 2005
This document provides instructions for integrating the phone system with the Cisco Unity voice
messaging system.
Integration Tasks
Before performing the following tasks to integrate Cisco Unity with the Avaya Definity/PBXLink phone
system, confirm that the Cisco Unity server is ready for the integration by completing the appropriate
tasks in the Cisco Unity Installation Guide.
Integration Steps
Follow these steps to set up this integration.
1. Review the system and equipment requirements to confirm that all phone system and Cisco Unity
server requirements have been met. See the “Requirements” section on page 2.
2. Plan how the voice messaging ports will be used by Cisco Unity. See the “Planning How the Voice
Messaging Ports Will Be Used by Cisco Unity” section on page 5.
3. Program the Avaya Definity/PBXLink phone system and extensions. See the “Programming the
Avaya Definity/PBXLink Phone System” section on page 6.
4. Install and configure the PBXLink box. See the “Setting up the PBXLink Box” section on page 15.
5. Configure Cisco Unity for the integration. See the “Configuring Cisco Unity for the Integration”
section on page 19.
6. Test the integration. See the “Testing the Integration” section on page 20.
7. If you have Cisco Unity failover, integrate the secondary server. (Cisco Unity failover is supported
only for release 3.1(2) and later.) See the “Integrating a Secondary Server for Cisco Unity Failover”
section on page 23.