Electrolux EWG 14440 W Washer/Dryer User Manual

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First Use
Ensure that the electrical and water
connections comply with the
installation instructions.
Remove the polystyryrene block
and any material from the drum.
Pour 2 litres of water into the main
wash compartment of the
detergent drawer in order to
activate the ECO valve. Then run a
cotton cycle at 95°C, without any
laundry in the machine, to remove
any manufacturing residue from the
drum and tub. Pour 1/2 a measure
of detergent into the dispenser
drawer and start the machine.
Acoustic signals
The machine is provided of an acoustic
device, which sounds in the following
at the end of the cycle
in the event of operating problems
By pressing the «Extra Rinse» «Delay»
and buttons simultaneously for about 6
seconds, the acoustic signal is
deactivated (except for the events of
operating problems).
By pressing these 2 buttons again, the
the acoustic signal is reactivated.
Child safety lock
This device permits you to leave the
appliance unsupervised without having
the worry that children might be injured
by or cause damage to the appliance.
This function remains able also when
the washing machine is not working.
There are two different ways to set this
before pressing the «Start/Pause»: it
will be impossible to start
after pressing the «Start/Pause» it
will be impossible to change any
other programme or option.
To enable (disable) this option press
simoultaneously for about 6 seconds
«Extra» and «Delay» buttons until the
icon appears (disappears) on (from)
the display.
Daily Use
Load the laundry
Open the door by carefully pulling the
door handle outwards. Place the laundry
in the drum, one item at a time, shaking
them out as much as possible. Close
the door.
Extra Delay
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