Electrolux EWG 14440 W Washer/Dryer User Manual

The wire coloured blue must be
connected to the terminal marked «N»
or coloured black.
The wire coloured brown must be
connected to the terminal marked «L»
or coloured red.
Upon completion there must be no cut,
or stray strands of wire present and the
cord clamp must be secure over the
outer sheath.
A cut off plug inserted into a 13
amp socket is a serious safety
(shock) hazard.
Ensure that the cut off plug is
disposed of safely. Should the
appliance power supply cable need
to be replaced, this MUST be
carried out by our Service Force
The power supply cable must be easily
accessible after installing the appliance.
Permanent connection
In the case of permanent connection it
is necessary that you install a double
pole switch between the appliance and
the electricity supply (mains), with a
minimum gap of 3mm between the
switch contacts and of a type suitable
for the required load in compliance
with the current electrical regulations.
The switch must not break the yellow
and green earth cable at any point.
38 electrolux installation
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