Electrolux EWG 14440 W Washer/Dryer User Manual

Cleaning the water drain filter
A clean filter is important for the correct
operating of the machine, and should
therefore be cleaned after every wash-
ing programme.
Place a container underneath to catch
any spillage. If the filter is blocked and
the machine is unable to drain you will
need to drain the water manually from
the machine at this stage.
To do this, unhook the drain hose from
the standpipe or sink and hold the end
of the hose over a bowl on the floor.
The water should drain by gravity into
the bowl.
When the bowl is full, hook the hose
back up and empty the bowl. Repeat
the procedure until water stops flowing
Unscrew and remove the filter.
Clean carefully under a fast running
When the appliance is in use and
depending on the programme selected
there can be hot water in the filter.
Never remove the filter during a wash
cycle, always wait until the appliance
has finished the cycle, and is empty.
When replacing the filter, ensure it is
securely retightened so as to stop
leaks and young children being able to
remove it.
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