Electrolux EWG 14440 W Washer/Dryer User Manual

The machine vibrates or is
The transit bolts and
packing have not been
The support feet have not
been adjusted.
The laundry is not evenly
distributed in the drum.
Maybe there is very little
laundry in the drum.
Check the correct
installation of the appliance.
Check the correct levelling
of the appliance.
Redistribute the laundry.
Load more laundry.
Unsatisfactory washing
Too little detergent or
unsuitable detergent has
been used.
Stubborn stains have not
been treated prior to
The correct temperature
was not selected.
Excessive laundry load.
Increase the detergent
quantity or use another one.
Use commercial products to
treat the stubborn stains.
Check if you have selected
the correct temperature.
Introduce into the drum less
The machine makes an
unusual noise
The machine is fitted with a
type of motor which makes
an unusual noise compared
with other traditional
motors. This new motor
ensures a softer start and
more even distribution of
the laundry in the drum
when spinning, as well as
increased stability of the
Malfunction Possible cause Solution
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