Electrolux EWG 14440 W Washer/Dryer User Manual

14 electrolux use
End of programme
When the programme has finished three
flashing zero is displayed, the (Door
locked) and the «Start/Pause» go out
and the door can be opened.
Heating phase
During the washing cycle the display
shows the temperature icon to indicate
that the appliance has started the
heating phase of the water in the tub.
Select the Start/Pause
To start the selected programme, press
the «Start/Pause» button; the green
pilot light stops flashing.
The «door locked» pilot light
illuminates to indicate that the
appliance starts operating and the door
is locked.
The “door” pilot light indicates if
the door can be opened:
light on: the door cannot be opened.
The appliance is running.
light off: the door can be opened.
The washing programme is finished.
To interrupt a programme which is
running, depress the «Start/Pause»
button: the green pilot light starts to
To restart the programme from the
point at which it was interrupted,
press the «Start/Pause» button again.
If you have chosen a delayed start, the
machine will begin the countdown.
If an incorrect option is selected, an
integrated red pilot light of the
«Start/Pause» button flashes 3 times
the message Err is displayed for few
Select the “Time Manager” option
This function allows you to modify the
washing time, automatically proposed
by the washing machine.
By pressing the «Time manager»
buttons and repeatedly, the
duration of the washing cycle can be
increased or decreased.
Time Manager
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