Shark S3901WM Iron User Manual

TOLL FREE: 1-800-798-7398
IMPORTANT: Your Steam Mop needs
water to make steam! Never use your
steam mop without water in the tank
or without the micro-fiber pad
attached to the head.
Sweep or vacuum your floors prior to
cleaning with your Steam Mop.
Visit for other
great quick cleaning products to
complement your Steam Mop, such
as the Shark
Navigator™ Lift-Away™
(model NV350WM).
1 Pull and twist the quick release cord
holder to unwrap the power cord
completely. Plug into a 120-volt
electrical outlet. (fig. 7)
2 The ON/STANDBY button will flash
blue. If the light does not turn on,
reference the troubleshooting section
on page 14. (fig. 8)
IMPORTANT: When you are using the
mop for the first time, it might take
longer than the normal 30 seconds
to start steaming.
Using Your Steam Mop
fig. 7
fig. 8