Shark S3901WM Iron User Manual

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Using Your Steam Mop - cont’d
fig. 9
fig. 11
fig. 10
3 Press the ON/STANDBY button
once for DUST setting (DUST lighted
setting indicator will illuminate). DUST
setting is a light steam for a quick
dusting and best dry time. (fig. 9)
Press the ON/STANDBY button
a second time to activate the
MOP setting. MOP setting is for
normal, everyday steam cleaning.
(fig. 10)
Press the ON/STANDBY button
a third time to activate the SCRUB
setting. SCRUB setting is for heavy
cleaning and will leave floors damp.
To better understand which steam
setting to use for your cleaning task,
turn to page 7.
4 Clean your floors with a forward and
backward motion. (fig. 11)
Press the ON/STANDBY button until
the light flashes to stop the steam.
NOTE: When using your Shark
Pro Steam Pocket
in Mop Mode be careful not to press
the steam trigger on the Handheld
Steamer, as it will activate STANDBY
mode. If this happens, press the
ON/STANDBY button one time to
reactivate steam.