Shark S3901WM Iron User Manual

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1 When you have finished using the
Handheld Steamer, reattach it to the
mop by first placing the bottom of
the Handheld Steamer into the cradle
of the mop housing. (fig. 21)
2 Then slide the top end of the
Handheld Steamer into the mop
housing and snap into place.
NOTE: Make sure all attachments
are removed before reuniting the
Handheld Steamer with the
steam mop.
3 If you are also done mopping, press
the ON/STANDBY button until the
LED light turns flashing blue. This
stops the unit from steaming. Unplug
the cord from the outlet and place the
mop into the upright position. Let the
unit cool for 2-3 minutes.
Care of Your Steam Mop
fig. 22
fig. 23fig. 21
fig. 24
Remove the micro-fiber cleaning pad
by releasing the quick fasteners and
using the lavender loop on the side
of the pocket, avoiding contact with
the hot pad. (fig. 22)
4 Empty the water tank before
storage. Remove the water tank cap
and empty the tank over a sink.
Replace the water cap. (fig. 23)
5 To store the Shark
Steam Pocket
Mop hanging up, first
remove the head (after it has cooled
and the steam has been released)
then hang on a large hook. (fig. 24)