Shark S3901WM Iron User Manual

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fig. 19
fig. 20
Cleaning Tip: The Garment Steamer is ideal for removing wrinkles from clothing and
freshening and grooming upholstery. A terry bonnet and frame with bristles provides
controlled steaming for most types of clothing. A specialized micro-fiber bonnet is
ideal for freshening couches and other upholstery, where odors may accumulate.
Using Your Handheld Steamer
with Garment Steamer
3 Snap the frame with bristles over the
Garment Steamer. For ease of use,
we recommend that the bristles be
placed at the top of the Garment
Steamer bonnet. (fig. 18)
4 Attach the assembled Garment
Steamer to the Handheld Steamer
by snapping it into the main nozzle.
(fig. 19)
5 Press and hold the steam trigger
button, and move slowly up and
down over your garments or
upholstery. While the steam trigger
button is pressed and held down, the
ON/STANDBY button light will be
solid blue. When released, the ON/
STANDBY button light will return to
flashing blue. (fig. 20)
CAUTION: Do not press steam
trigger while attaching or removing
the Garment Steamer.
6 To remove the Garment Steamer,
press and hold down the steam unit
lock buttons. Then slide out the
Garment Steamer using the grips on
either side of the Steamer.
CAUTION: Always determine color
fastness of any fabric, especially with
reds or blues. Taking a clean, moist,
warm towel and gently rubbing a
small area on the fabric that is as
out of sight and out of the way as
possible. If color bleeds onto the
towel, you may need to have the
piece professionally cleaned.
1 Select either the thinner, terry cloth
bonnet to steam your garments,
or the thicker, shaggier bonnet to
freshen upholstery.
2 Use the lavender loop on the side of
the bonnet to slide over the nozzle
opening of the Garment Steamer.
The elastic around the bonnet should
hold it firmly in place around the
Garment Steamer opening. (fig. 18)