LG Electronics DLEX5780VE Clothes Dryer User Manual

USING Smart Diagnosis
Audible Diagnosis
Should you experience any problems with your dryer, it has the capability of transmitting data to your Smart Phone
using the LG Smart Laundry Application or via your telephone to the LG call center.
Smart Diagnosis™ cannot be activated unless your dryer is turned on by pressing the Power button. If your dryer is
unable to turn on, then troubleshooting must be done without using Smart Diagnosis™.
Smart Diagnosis™ Using Your
Smart Phone
smart phone.
smart phone. Press the right arrow button to advance
to the next screen.
hold the mouth piece of the smart phone near the
Smart Diagnosis™ logo on the dryer.
Control button for three seconds.
has finished. It takes time on panel displayed.
by pressing the Next button on the phone.
Smart Diagnosis™ Through the Call
hold the mouthpiece of your phone over the Smart
Diagnosis™ logo on the machine. Hold the phone no
more than one inch (but not touching) the machine.
has finished. It takes time on panel displayed.
stopped, resume your conversation with the call
center agent, who will then be able to assist you in
using the information transmitted for analysis.
Smart Diagnosis™ is a troubleshooting feature
designed to assist, not replace, the traditional method
of troubleshooting through service calls. The
effectiveness of this feature depends upon various
factors, including, but not limited to, the reception
of the cellular phone being used for transmission,
any external noise that may be present during the
transmission, and the acoustics of the room where the
machine is located.
Accordingly, LG does not guarantee that Smart
Diagnosis™ would accurately troubleshoot any given
Do not touch any other buttons or icons on the
display screen.