LG Electronics DLEX5780VE Clothes Dryer User Manual

Installation Test (Duct check)
Once you have completed the installation of the dryer,
use this test to make sure the condition of the exhaust
system is adequate for proper operation of the dryer.
This test should be performed to alert you to any serious
problems in the exhaust system of your home.
t:PVSESZFSGFBUVSFT'MPX4FOTF™, an innovative sensing
system that automatically detects blockages and
of lint buildup and free of restrictions allows clothes to
dry faster and reduces energy use.
Do not load anything in the drum for this test, as in
may affect the accuracy of the results.
This button sequence activates the installation test.
The code
will display if the activation is
The dryer will start the test, which will last about
two minutes. The heat will be turned on and the
temperatures in the drum will be measured.
During the three minute test cycle, monitor the
Flow Sense™ display on the control panel. If no bars
are displayed, when the cycle ends, the exhaust
system is adequate. If the exhaust system is severely
restricted, the display will show four bars. Other
problems may also be shown with error codes. Refer
to the next page for error code details and solutions.
Four bars indicates that the exhaust system is severely
restricted. Have the system checked immediately, as
performance will be poor.
At the end of the test cycle,
will display.
The test cycle will end and the dryer will shut off
automatically after a short delay.
/P#BST0L 'PVS#BST
The dryer should be cool before starting this test. If
the dryer was warmed up during installation, run the
AIR DRY cycle for a few minutes to reduce the interior