LG Electronics DLEX5780VE Clothes Dryer User Manual

Make sure the top of the side lock rod is beside the top
lock rod and the two do not overlap each other, so the
two rods can interact correctly. If they are not aligned
properly, the door will not operate properly.
Reinstall the top gray interlock buttons removed in
Center the spring in the compartment and insert the
interlock button on top of it.
Clean the glass on the door and door cover, if
Make sure the three gray interlock buttons are
properly installed and that the top and side lock
rods are properly aligned where they meet. Carefully
lower the door cover into place, aligning the holes in
the cover with the interlock buttons on the top and
side and the bumpers on the bottom. Take care not
to dislodge the lock rods while mounting the door
cover. Once the door cover is in place, secure it with
The ten similar screws go around the top and sides
of the door cover. Make sure to install the two
different screws on the bottom edge, in the locations
marked below
SPUBUFJUEFHSFFT Press in the side interlock button
on the left side and hold it down while you press the hinge
pivot into the hinge assembly on the top right side. If the
door has been reassembled correctly, the lock rod will slide
back easily and lock the pivot in place. The door is now
ready to remount on the opposite side of the dryer.
the hinge screws.
While supporting the door, install the four hinge screws
the hinges and latch are properly aligned and that the
door opens, closes and latches properly in both directions.
If the door doesn’t operate smoothly, remove the door
and then the door cover to check that the lock rods and
interlock buttons are properly mounted and aligned.
The interlock buttons should be oriented correctly and
operating smoothly. The interlock rods should be in the
proper position and should not overlap at the contact
If the door is damaged, or if the door does not work after
Reversing the Door (continued)
Two large
Two small