LG Electronics DLEX5780VE Clothes Dryer User Manual

- When a Tag On screen
appears (see at right), tap
your smart phone on the Tag
On icon on the right side of
the dryer’s control panel.
- If it isn’t recognized, touch
] on the upper right
of the Tag On screen on
your LG Smart Laundry&DW
application to see the
detailed guide. (This might
happen due to the different
NFC antenna positions for
each phone.)
- It shows the diagnosis results
on the cycles recently used.
Images are for reference only.
The actual LG Smart Laundry&DW application may be
Using Tag On with Applications
Touch the LG appliance’s Tag On logo with your
NFCequipped smart phone to use the LG Smart
Laundry&DW applications: LG Smart Diagnosis, Cycle
Download, Laundry Stats, and Tag on Cycle Set.
Tag On Diagnosis
- Install the application from the Play store and run it.
- Select Tag On by using the
top icons or the bottom icons.