LG Electronics DLEX5780VE Clothes Dryer User Manual

Special functions
The option buttons also activate special functions,
including Child Lock and Rack Dry.
Select the option by pressing the option button. Press
and hold the option button for special features marked
with the asterisk (*), such as Child Lock.
* Rack Dry
Use Rack Dry with items, such as wool sweaters, silk, and
lingerie, that should dry flat. Rack Dry can also be used
with items that should not be tumbled dry, such as gym
shoes or stuffed animals.
To install the drying rack:
door rim and resting flat on the inside of the dryer.
* Child Lock
Use this option to prevent unwanted use of the dryer or to
keep cycle settings from being changed while the dryer is
activate or deactivate the Child Lock function.
The Child Lock icon will be shown in the display, and all
controls are disabled except the Power button.
Cycle Settings and Options
Sensor dry cycles have preset settings that are selected
automatically. Manual dry cycles have default settings, but
you may also customize the settings using the cycle setting
buttons. Press the button for that option to view and select
other settings.
Dry Level
Selects the level of dryness for the cycle. Press the Dry Level
button repeatedly to scroll through available settings.
More Dry or Very Dry will increase the cycle time, while Less
Dry or Damp Dry will decrease the cycle time.
Temp. Control
Adjusts the temperature setting from Ultra Low to High.
This allows precise care of your fabrics and garments. Press the
Temp. Control button repeatedly to scroll through available
Time Dry
remove wrinkles. Use the More Time/Less Time buttons to add
Your dryer features several additional cycle options to
customize cycles to meet your individual needs. Certain option
buttons also feature a special function (see the following page
for details) that can be activated by pressing and holding that
To Add Cycle Options to a Cycle:
the desired cycle.
to add. A confirmation message will be shown in the display.
start automatically.
Wrinkle Care
Selecting this option will tumble the load periodically for up
This is helpful in preventing wrinkles when you are unable to
remove items from the dryer immediately.
To turn the Signal off, press the Signal On/Off button. Press
again to turn the Signal back on.
Damp Dry Signal
With this option, the dryer will signal when the load is
drying lightweight items or items that you would like to iron
or hang while still slightly damp.
To protect your garments, not every dryness level,
temperature, or option is available with every cycle.
See the $ZDMF(VJEF for details.
NEVER tumble dry a load of clothing with the rack
installed. When the rack is installed, the drum will
rotate as usual, but the rack will not move. Make sure
all articles to be dried remain completely on the rack
and cannot fall off or be pulled off by the turning
Once set, Child Lock remains active until it is manually
deactivated. Child Lock must be turned off to run
another cycle. To deactivate Child Lock, press and
hold the Easy Iron button for three seconds.