LG Electronics DLEX5780VE Clothes Dryer User Manual

install it on the right side using the two screws
removed in step a.
c. Flip over the lower hinge bracket and release the
tabs on the back locking the hinge filler to the hinge
onto the FRONT of the hinge bracket facing in the
opposite direction.
Mount the lower hinge bracket and the filler on the
left side of the door with the screw removed in step a.
Flip the side lock rod over and install it on the
opposite side. Insert the lower end into the left
hinge and lower the rod into the guides on the door
while compressing the spring inside the recess.
on the upper left side of the door.
degrees end for end from its original position and
reinstall it. The spring should now be to the right of
center, with the spring on the side of the rod facing
the top of the door.
a. Insert the right end of the lock rod into the right
hinge assembly. Make sure the rod is aligned with
the guides in the door panel.
b. Lower the rod into position, sliding it to bypass the
center handle, making sure to align the lock rod
with the guides all the way across the door panel.
When released, the lock rod should slide completely
into the hinge assembly on the right. Slide the
lock rod back and forth to make sure it is correctly
positioned in the guides and slides easily.
Remove the screw from the lower hinge bracket (on
the right) and lift the hinge bracket out. Set it aside.
Remove the two screws from the lower hinge assembly
on the bottom left and lift the hinge assembly out.
Reversing the Door (continued)
upper hinge filler
lower hinge assembly