American Dryer Corp. AD-15 Phase 7 Clothes Dryer User Manual

113243-1 17
Coin Models
Microprocessor Controller (Computer)
When the microprocessor controller (computer) is in the
ready state, the liquid crystal display (L.C.D.) screen will
display Ready, Insert $XX.XX (amount) to Start.
Insert coin(s). Once the correct Amount to Start has
been inserted, the L.C.D. will display Select
Select temperature by pressing HI, MED, or LO. The
cycle will start and the L.C.D. will display the Dry Cycle
selected and the remaining time.
The dryer will continue through the drying and cooling
cycles, until the vended time has expired.
To stop dryer, open main door or pressing the
pause key. Continuation of the cycle will
resume only after the door has been closed and
any of the three (3) temperature selection is
Upon completion of the drying and cooling cycles, the
tone (buzzer) will sound and the dryer will go into the
Anti-Wrinkle Mode for 99 minutes, or until the main door
has been opened.
For more detailed information regarding the
microprocessor controller (computer) on your
dryer, refer to the microprocessor users manual
included with the dryer.
Gas Models Only
When a gas dryer is first started (during initial start-up),
it has a tendency not to ignite on the first ignition attempt.
This is because the gas supply piping is filled with air,
so it may take a few minutes for the air to be purged from
the lines.
During the purging period, check to be sure that
ALL gas shutoff valves are open.
Gas model dryers are equipped with an ignition
system, which has internal diagnostics. If
ignition is not established after one (1) time,
the heat circuit in the ignition module will attempt
two (2) more ignitions (total of three [3] ignition
attempts). If there is no flame after the third
ignition attempt the module will lock out until it
is manually reset. To reset the ignition system,
open and close the main door and restart the
A gas pressure test should be taken at the gas valve
pressure tap of each dryer to ensure that the water
column (W.C.) pressure is correct and consistent.
Water column pressure requirements
(measured at the pressure tap of the gas valve
Natural Gas .............................3.5 Inches (8.7 mb) W.C.
Liquid Propane (L.P.) Gas ......10.5 Inches (26.1 mb) W.C.
There is no regulator provided in an L.P. dryer.
The water column pressure must be regulated
at the source (L.P. tank), or an external regulator
must be added to each dryer.
Make a complete operational check of ALL safety related
Door Switch(es)
Hi-Limit Thermostats
Cycling Thermostat
The sail switch can be checked for proper
operation by opening the lint door while heating
circuit (gas burner/electric oven) is active (on).
The heating unit should shut off within a few
seconds. If not, make necessary adjustments
to the sail switch.
Make a complete operational check of ALL operating controls.
If computer program changes are required, refer
to the computer programming section of the
manual supplied with the dryer.
The dryer should be operated through one (1) complete cycle
to ensure that no further adjustments are necessary and that
ALL components are functioning properly.
The basket (tumbler) is treated with a protective coating.
We suggest dampening old garments or cloth material
with a solution of water and nonflammable mild detergent
and tumbling them in the basket (tumbler) to remove
this coating.
Check the electric service phase sequence (3-phase [3ø]
models only). While the dryer is operating, check to see if the
blower wheel (impellor/fan) is rotating in the proper direction.
Looking from the front, the blower wheel (impellor/fan) should
spin in the clockwise (CW) direction. If it is, the phasing is
correct. If the phasing is incorrect, reverse two (2) of the three
(3) leads at connections L1, L2, and L3 of the power supply
to the dryer.
If the blower wheel (impellor/fan) is rotating in
the wrong direction, this will not only drastically
reduce drying efficiency, but it can also cause
premature component failure.