American Dryer Corp. AD-15 Phase 7 Clothes Dryer User Manual

113243-1 9
ADC reserves the right to make changes in
specifications at any time without notice or
Electrical Service Specifications
Figures shown are for non-reversing models
only. For reversing models contact the factory.
Gas and Steam Models Only
* 3-Wire available. 1/30/04
Electric Models Only
ALL electrically heated dryers must be connected to the electric
service shown on the dryers data label. The connecting
wires must be properly sized to handle the rated current.
* 3-Wire available. 1/30/04
A ground (earth) connection must be provided and installed
in accordance with state and local codes. In the absence of
these codes, grounding must conform to applicable
requirements of the National Electrical Code ANSI/NFPA NO.
70-LATEST EDITION, or in Canada, the installation must
conform to applicable Canada Standards: Canadian
Electrical Codes Parts 1 & 2 CSA C22.1-1990 or LATEST
EDITION. The ground connection may be to a proven earth
ground at the location service panel.
*$6 $1'67($0