Electrolux 1271 VI Washer/Dryer User Manual

Tips for environmental protection
To save water, energy and to help protect the environment, we recommend
that you follow these tips:
• Normally soiled laundry may be washed without prewashing in order
to save detergent, water and time (the environment is protected too!).
Use the energy saving programme when washing normally soiled garments.
The machine works more economically if it is fully loaded (for both
washing and drying cycles).
• When small loads are washed, use only half to two thirds of the rec-
ommended amount of detergent.
The machine will consume less energy if the laundry is adequately
spun before being dried.
With adequate pre-treatment, stains and limited soiling can be
removed; the laundry can then be washed at a lower temperature.