Electrolux 1271 VI Washer/Dryer User Manual

Drying symbols on garment labels
Always look at the garment label to check whether garments can be
machine dried.
The following symbols refer to drying:
Machine drying is usually possible
Normal drying (normal temperature)
Gentle drying (reduced temperature)
Do not machine dry
Garments marked with the symbol should not be machine dried.
Duration of the drying cycle
The drying time can vary according to
• the final spin speed;
• the required degree of drying (extra dry, only for cottons, store dry or
iron dry);
• the type of laundry;
• the size of load.
The usual drying times are indicated in the programme chart. As you
become more familiar with the appliance, you will discover the drying
times that best suit your needs according to the various type of fabric.
It is a good idea to make a note of these times.
Modification of the drying time
If you wish to modify the drying time when a drying programme is running,
first depress START/PAUSE button to set the machine to PAUSE. After mod-
ifying the time, depress START/PAUSE again to continue the pro-
Fibre residue
After drying fluffy fabrics, such as new towels, it is advisable to perform
a gentle rinse to be sure that any residue that may remain in the tub is
completely removed and does not stick to garments dried afterwards.
After each drying cycle the filter should be checked and cleaned.
Preparing the drying cycle