Electrolux 1271 VI Washer/Dryer User Manual

Unsatisfactory washing results
If the laundry looks grey and lime scale is found in the drum
• Too little detergent has been used.
• An unsuitable detergent has been used.
• Stubborn stains have not been treated prior to washing.
• The programme/temperature has not been correctly selected.
If grey stains remain on the laundry
Laundry stained with ointments, grease or oil has been washed with
an insufficient amount of detergent.
• The temperature selected for the wash programme was too low.
Fabric softener - especially the concentrated type - has come into
direct contact with the laundry. Wash these stains immediately and
pour fabric softener carefully.
Foam is still visible even after the last rinse
Modern detergents often produce foam, even in the last rinse. How-
ever the laundry has been completely rinsed.
White residue is left on the laundry
This is due to insoluble components in modern detergents and is
therefore not the result of insufficient rinsing. Shake or brush the
laundry. In future, it may be better to turn garments inside out before
washing them. Check the choice of detergent; try using liquid deter-
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