Electrolux EWG 14750 W Washer/Dryer User Manual

22 electrolux care and cleaning
Care and cleaning
You must DISCONNECT the appliance
from the electricity supply, before you
can carry out any cleaning or
maintenance work.
The water we use normally contains
lime. It is a good idea to periodically use
a water softening powder in the
machine. Do this separately from any
laundry washing, and according to the
softening powder manufacturer's
instructions. This will help to prevent the
formation of lime deposits.
After each wash
Leave the door open for a while. This
helps to prevent mould and stagnant
smells forming inside the appliance.
Keeping the door open after a wash will
also help to preserve the door seal.
Maintenance Wash
With the use of low temperature
washes it is possible to get a build up
of residues inside the drum.
We recommend that a maintenance
wash be performed on a regular basis.
To run a maintenance wash:
The drum should be empty of
Select the hottest cotton wash
Use a normal measure of detergent,
must be a powder with biological
External cleaning
Clean the exterior cabinet of the
appliance with soap and water only,
and then dry thoroughly.
Cleaning the dispenser drawer
The washing powder and additive
dispenser drawer should be cleaned
Remove the drawer by pressing the
catch downwards and by pulling it out.
Flush it out under a tap, to remove any
traces of accumulated powder.
To aid cleaning, the top part of the
additive compartment should be
removed. Clean all parts with water.
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