Electrolux EWG 14750 W Washer/Dryer User Manual

use electrolux 13
Select the spin speed, No spin,
Rinse Hold or Night Cycle option
by pressing the button 3
When selecting a programme the
display shows the maximum allowed
spin speed.
Press this button repeatedly to change
the spin speed, if you want your laundry
to be spun at a speed different from
the one proposed by the washing
machine or to select No Spin, Rinse
Hold or Night Cycle option.
Select the Easy Iron option by
pressing the button 4
By selecting this button the laundry is
gently washed and spun to avoid any
creasing. In this way ironing is easier.
Furthermore the machine will perform
some additional rinses for some
This function can be used for cotton and
synthetic fabrics. On cotton programmes
the maximum spin speed is reduced.
Select the Extra Rinse option by
pressing the button 5
This button can be selected with most
programmes. The machine performs
some additional rinses.
This option is recommended for people
who are allergic to detergents, and in
areas where the water is very soft.
Select the Delay start by pressing
the button 6
Before you start the programme, if
you wish to delay the start, press the
tton 6 repeatedly, to select the
desired delay. The corresponding icon
will appear on the display in the
upper part of the display.
The selected delay time value (up to 20
hours) will appear on the display for
about 3 seconds, then the duration of
the programme will appear again.
You must select this option after you
have set the programme and before you
press t
he button 8.
During the delay time the door is
locked. If you wish to add laundry in the
machine during the delay time press
button 8 to put the machine in pause.
Add the laundry, close the door and
press button 8 again.
You can cancel the delay time at any
moment, before you press
button 8.
The wash programme can be delayed
from 30 min - 60 min - 90 min, 2 hours
and then by 1 hour up to a maximum of
20 hours by means of this button.
Selecting the delayed start:
Select the programme and the
required options.
Select the delay start.
button 8: the machine starts its
hourly countdown.
The programme will start after the
selected delay has expired.
Cancelling the delayed start after
having pressed
button 8
Press the
button 6 until the symbol 0’
is displayed.
Press button
8 again.
The Delay Start cannot be selected
with Drain programme.
Select the Start/Pause by pressing
the button 8
To start the selected programme, press
the button
8 ; the green pilot light stops
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