Indesit IWDE 7168 Washer/Dryer User Manual

! This instruction manual should be kept in a
safe place for future reference. If the washer-
dryer is sold, transferred or moved, make sure
that the instruction manual remains with the
machine so that the new owner is able to fa-
miliarise himself/herself with its operation and
! Read these instructions carefully: they con-
tain vital information relating to the safe instal-
lation and operation of the appliance.
Unpacking and levelling
1. Remove the washer-dryer from its packaging.
2. Make sure that the washer-dryer has not
been damaged during the transportation
process. If it has been damaged, contact the
retailer and do not proceed any further with
the installation process.
3. Remove the 4 pro-
tective screws (used
during transportation)
and the rubber wa-
sher with the cor-
responding spacer,
located on the rear
part of the appliance
(see figure).
4. Close off the holes using the plastic plugs
5. Keep all the parts in a safe place: you will
need them again if the washer-dryer needs to
be moved to another location.
! Packaging materials should not be used as
toys for children.
1. Install the washer-dryer on a flat sturdy floor,
without resting it up against walls, furniture
cabinets or anything else.
2. If the floor is not
perfectly level, com-
pensate for any une-
venness by tightening
or loosening the
adjustable front feet
(see figure); the angle
of inclination, measu-
red in relation to the
worktop, must not
exceed 2°.
Levelling the machine correctly will provide
it with stability, help to avoid vibrations and
excessive noise and prevent it from shifting
while it is operating. If it is placed on carpet or
a rug, adjust the feet in such a way as to allow
a sufficient ventilation space underneath the
Connecting the electricity and
water supplies
Connecting the water inlet hose
1. Connect the sup-
ply pipe by screwing
it to a cold water tab
using a ¾ gas threa-
ded connection (see
Before performing the
connection, allow the
water to run freely un-
til it is perfectly clear.
2. Connect the inlet
hose to the washer-
dryer by screwing it
onto the correspon-
ding water inlet of the
appliance, which is
situated on the top
right-hand side of the
rear part of the ap-
pliance (see figure).
3. Make sure that the hose is not folded over
or bent.
! The water pressure at the tap must fall within
the values indicated in the Technical details
table (see page 5).
! If the inlet hose is not long enough, contact a
specialised shop or an authorised technician.
! Never use second-hand hoses.
! Use the ones supplied with the machine.