Indesit IWDE 7168 Washer/Dryer User Manual

How to run a wash cycle or a
drying cycle
1. SWITCH THE MACHINE ON. Press the button;
the START/PAUSE indicator light will flash slowly in a
green colour.
2. LOAD THE LAUNDRY. Open the porthole door.
Load the laundry, making sure you do not exceed
the maximum load value indicated in the table of
programmes on the following page.
detergent dispenser drawer and pour the detergent into
the relevant compartments as described in “Detergents
and laundry”.
knob to the desired programme; a temperature and
spin speed is set for each wash cycle; these may be
adjusted. The duration of the cycle will appear on the
6. CUSTOMISE THE WASH CYCLE. Use the relevant
Modifying the temperature and/or spin
speed. The machine automatically displays the
maximum temperature and spin speed values set for
the selected cycle, or the most recently-used settings
if they are compatible with the selected cycle. The
temperature can be decreased by pressing the
button, until the cold wash “OFF” setting is reached.
The spin speed may be progressively reduced by
pressing the button, until it is completely excluded
(the “OFF” setting). If these buttons are pressed again,
the maximum values are restored.
Setting the drying cycle
The first time the button is pressed, the machine will
automatically select the maximum drying cycle which is
compatible with the selected wash cycle. Subsequent
presses will decrease the drying level and then the
drying time, until the cycle is excluded completely
Drying may be set as follows:
A- Based on the desired laundry dryness level:
Iron dry: suitable for clothes which will need ironing
afterwards. the remaining dampness softens creases,
making them easier to remove; “A1” appears on the
Hanger dry: ideal for clothes which do not need to be
dried fully; “A2” appears on the display.
Cupboard dry: suitable for laundry which can be put
back in a cupboard without being ironed; “A3” appears
on the display.
Extra dry: suitable for garments which need to be dried
completely, such as sponges and bathrobes “A4”;
appears on the display.
B - Based on a set time period: between 30 and 180
If your laundry load to be washed and dried is much
greater than the maximum stated load (see adjacent
table), perform the wash cycle, and when the cycle
is complete, divide the garments into groups and put
some of them back in the drum. At this point, follow the
instructions provided for a “Drying only” cycle. Repeat
this procedure for the remainder of the load.
N.B: a cooling-down period is always added to the end
of each drying cycle.
Drying only
Use the cycle selector knob to select a drying cycle
(11-12) in accordance with the type of fabric. The
desired drying level or time may also be set using the
DRYING button .
Modifying the cycle settings.
Press the button to enable the option; the indicator
light corresponding to the button will switch on.
Press the button again to disable the option; the
indicator light will switch off.
! If the selected option is not compatible with the
programmed wash cycle, the indicator light will flash
and the option will not be activated.
! If the selected option is not compatible with another
option which has been selected previously, the indicator
light corresponding to the first option selected will
flash and only the second option will be activated; the
indicator light corresponding to the enabled option will
remain lit.
! The options may affect the recommended load value
and/or the duration of the cycle.
button. The corresponding indicator light will become
green, remaining lit in a fixed manner, and the door will
be locked (the DOOR LOCKED symbol will be on).
To change a wash cycle while it is in progress, pause
the Washer-dryer using the START/PAUSE button
(the START/PAUSE indicator light will flash slowly in an
orange colour); then select the desired cycle and press
the START/PAUSE button again. To open the door while
a cycle is in progress, press the START/PAUSE button;
if the DOOR LOCKED symbol is switched off the door
may be opened. Press the START/PAUSE button again
to restart the wash cycle from the point at which it was
8. THE END OF THE WASH CYCLE. This will be
indicated by the text “End” on the display; when the
DOOR LOCKED symbol switches off the door may be
opened. Open the door, unload the laundry and switch
off the machine.
! If you wish to cancel a cycle which has already begun,
press and hold the button. The cycle will be stopped
and the machine will switch off.