Indesit IWDE 7168 Washer/Dryer User Manual

To access the pre-chamber:
1. using a screwdri-
ver, remove the
cover panel on the
lower front part of the
washer-dryer (see
2. unscrew the lid
by rotating it anti-
clockwise (see figu-
re): a little water may
trickle out. This is
perfectly normal;
3. clean the inside thoroughly;
4. screw the lid back on;
5. reposition the panel, making sure the hooks
are securely in place before you push it onto
the appliance.
Checking the water inlet hose
Check the inlet hose at least once a year. If
there are any cracks, it should be replaced
immediately: during the wash cycles, water
pressure is very strong and a cracked hose
could easily split open.
! Never use second-hand hoses.
Care and maintenance
Cutting off the water and electri-
city supplies
• Turn off the water tap after every wash cycle.
This will limit wear on the hydraulic system
inside the washer-dryer and help to prevent
• Unplug the washer-dryer when cleaning it
and during all maintenance work.
Cleaning the washer-dryer
The outer parts and rubber components of the
appliance can be cleaned using a soft cloth
soaked in lukewarm soapy water. Do not use
solvents or abrasives.
Cleaning the detergent dispenser
Remove the dispenser
by raising it and pul-
ling it out (see figure).
Wash it under running
water; this operation
should be repeated
Caring for the door and drum of
your appliance
• Always leave the porthole door ajar in order
to prevent unpleasant odours from forming.
Cleaning the pump
The washer-dryer is fitted with a self-cleaning
pump which does not require any maintenan-
ce. Sometimes, small items (such as coins or
buttons) may fall into the pre-chamber which
protects the pump, situated in its bottom part.
! Make sure the wash cycle has finished and
unplug the appliance.