Electrolux 12830 Washer/Dryer User Manual

Frost precautions
If the machine is installed in a place where the temperature could drop
below 0°C, proceed as follows:
• Close the water tap and unscrew the water inlet hose from the tap.
Place the end of the emergency emptying hose and that of the inlet
hose in a bowl placed on the floor and let water drain out.
Screw the water inlet hose back on and reposition the emergency
emptying hose after having put the cap on again
By doing this, any water remaining in the machine is removed, avoiding
ice forming and consequently damage to the appliance.
When you use the machine again, make sure that the ambient temper-
ature is above 0°C.
Something not working?
If during the spin cycle the machine makes an unusual
whistling noise, different from the noise made by tradi-
tional washing machines, this is due to a new type of
If water is not visible in the drum, this is due to
the modern technology of new washing
machines that use less water than traditional
If a problem arises, you can try to solve it yourself following the
instructions below.
If you call out an engineer when one of the following problems aris-
es, or to repair a fault due to incorrect use, the call-out will be
charged even if requested within the guarantee period.
During machine operation the following alarm codes may be displayed:
- E10: problem with the water supply
- E20: problem with water draining
- E40: door open
At the same time the END light flashes and an acoustic signal sounds.
Once the problem has been eliminated, press the START/PAUSE button
to restart the programme. If after all checks, the problem persists, con-
tact your local AEG/ELECTROLUX Service Force Centre.
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