Electrolux 12830 Washer/Dryer User Manual

This button has two functions:
a) Start
After having selected the required programme, press this button to start
the machine. The relevant pilot light stops flashing and remains static.
If you have selected the DELAY START option, the machine starts its
hourly countdown.
b) Pause
To interrupt a programme which is running, press the START/PAUSE
button: the information on the display remains lit and the
START/PAUSE pilot light starts to flash.
To restart the programme from the point at which it was interrupted,
press the START/PAUSE button again.
Press this button to reduce the maximum speed of the final speed proposed
by the machine for the selected programme or to select RINSE HOLD option.
The maximum spin speed for cotton is 1200 rpm, for easy cares, wool
and delicates 900 rpm.
Important: By depressing the SPIN SPEED and DRYING TIME buttons at
the same time the machine will perform an extra rinse (see page 27).
By selecting this option, the last rinse water is not emptied out, to
prevent the fabrics from creasing. When the programme has finished,
the pilot light END on the programme progress display illuminates, the
pilot light DOOR is red and the door is blocked to indicate that the water
must be emptied out.
To empty out water:
select the DRAIN programme to empty out the water without spin-
• select the SPIN/DELICATE SPIN programmes for spinning.
• select the SPIN SPEED and depress the START/PAUSE button;
Warning! The programme selector dial must be turned first to O/OFF
and then to the DRAIN, SPIN or DELICATE SPIN programmes.
The RINSE HOLD option cannot be selected for the automatic WASHING &
DRYING programme.
Description of the appliance
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