Electrolux 12830 Washer/Dryer User Manual

By pressing this button the washing time is reduced. For
use when washing lightly soiled laundry.
This option is not available with wool and economy
Important: By depressing the TIME SAVER and SPIN SPEED buttons at
the same time for about 3 seconds the acoustic signal can be deactivat-
ed (see page 27).
If you wish to carry out a timed programme of dryness push the button
until the drying time you want appears in the display according to the
fabrics (cotton or easy cares) you have to dry.
For COTTON and EASY CARES you can select a drying time from 10 min-
utes to 130 minutes.
The wash programme can be delayed from 30, 60, 90 minutes and then
1 hour by 1 hour up to a maximum of 23 hours.
The button must be pressed after selecting the programme and
before pressing the START/PAUSE button.
The figures indicating the delay appear for about 3 seconds in the dis-
play. The duration of the selected wash programme is then displayed.
After depressing the START/PAUSE button, the machine starts its hourly
To annul the preset delay, press the START/PAUSE button, then press the
DELAY START button until the symbol 0’ is displayed.
Then press the START/PAUSE button again to restart the programme.
The display shows the following information:
Duration of the selected programme (in minutes), calculated auto-
matically on the basis of the maximum recommended load for each type
of fabric.
Selected drying time (max. 130 minutes for cotton and easy cares).
After the programme has started, the time remaining is updated every
• When the programme has finished, a steadily lit zero is displayed.
Delayed start, (23 hours max.) programmed using the special button.
Description of the appliance
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