Electrolux 12830 Washer/Dryer User Manual

To facilitate cleaning, the top part of the
additive compartment can be removed.
Detergent can also accumulate inside the
drawer recess: clean it with an old tooth-
Refit the drawer after cleaning.
Door seal
Regularly check to see, if there are deposits or
foreign objects in the rubber seal behind the
door and remove them.
Drain pump
The pump should be inspected regularly and particularly if
the machine does not empty and/or spin
the machine makes an unusual noise during draining due to objects
such as safety pins, coins etc. blocking the pump.
Proceed as follows:
Disconnect the appliance.
If necessary wait until the water has cooled down.
Open the pump door.
Place a container
close to the pump
to collect any
Release the emer-
gency emptying
hose, place it in
the container and
remove its cap.
When no more water comes out, unscrew the pump and remove it.
Always keep a rag nearby to dry up spillage of water when removing
the pump.
Cleaning and maintenance
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