Electrolux 16830 Washer/Dryer User Manual

Something not working?
Spinning starts late or the
machine does not spin
The unbalance detection If the laundry is not evenly
device that prevents distributed inside the drum
excessive vibration during at the beginning of the
spinning has cut in. spin cycle, the machine
detects this and tries to
redistribute it more evenly
by means of a few drum
Only when the laundry is
more evenly distributed
will the spin cycle be
performed, at a lower speed,
if the laundry is not evenly
If, after about 15 minutes,
the laundry is still tangled,
the machine will not spin.
Therefore, if the laundry is
still wet at the end of the
cycle, it is advisable to
redistribute it manually
inside the drum and to
select the spin programme.
Problem Possible cause Solution
The machine will not dry or
the laundry is not dry
The water tap is not open Open the water tap.
The drain pump is clogged. Clean the pump.
The drying time or degree of Select the required function.
dryness has not been selected.
An appropriate drying time Select the appropriate
or the degree of dryness drying time or degree
has not been chosen. suitable for the required
degree of drying,
according to the type of
fabric (cottons or synthetics).
There is too much laundry Reduce the load.
inside the appliance.
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