Indesit PWE 91472 S Washer User Manual

Running a wash cycle
1. SWITCH THE MACHINE ON. Press the button;
the START/PAUSE indicator light will flash slowly in a
blue colour.
2. LOAD THE LAUNDRY. Open the porthole door.
Load the laundry, making sure you do not exceed
the maximum load value indicated in the table of
programmes and wash cycles on the following page.
detergent dispenser drawer and pour the detergent into
the relevant compartments as described in “Detergents
and laundry”.
SELECTOR knob to select the desired wash cycle. A
temperature and spin speed is set for each wash cycle;
these values may be adjusted. The duration of the cycle
will appear on the display.
6. CUSTOMISE THE WASH CYCLE. Use the relevant
Modify the temperature and/or spin speed.
The machine automatically displays the maximum
temperature and spin speed values set for the selected
cycle, or the most recently-used settings if they are
compatible with the selected cycle. The temperature
can be decreased by pressing the button, until
the cold wash “OFF” setting is reached. The spin
speed may be progressively reduced by pressing
the button, until it is completely excluded (the
OFF” setting). If these buttons are pressed again, the
maximum values are restored.
Setting a delay timer.
To set a delayed start for the selected cycle, press the
corresponding button repeatedly until the required delay
period has been reached. When this option has been
activated, the symbol lights up on the display. To
remove the delayed start setting, press the button until
the text “OFF” appears on the display.
Modify the cycle settings.
Press the button to enable the option; the indicator
light corresponding to the button will switch on.
Press the button again to disable the option; the
indicator light will switch off.
! If the selected option is not compatible with the set
wash cycle, the indicator light will flash and the option
will not be activated.
! If the selected option is not compatible with
a previously selected one, the indicator light
corresponding to the first function selected will flash and
only the second option will be activated; the indicator
light for the option which has been activated will be
Note: if the option has been selected, none of the
incompatible options may be activated.
! The options may affect the recommended load value
and/or the duration of the cycle.
PAUSE button. The corresponding indicator light will
turn blue, remaining lit in a fixed manner, and the door
will be locked (the DOOR LOCKED symbol will be lit).
To change a wash cycle while it is in progress, pause
the washing machine using the START/PAUSE button
(the START/PAUSE indicator light will flash slowly in an
amber colour); then select the desired cycle and press
the START/PAUSE button again.
To open the door while a cycle is in progress, press
the START/PAUSE button; if the DOOR LOCKED
symbol is switched off the door may be opened (wait
approximately 3 minutes). Press the START/PAUSE
button again to restart the wash cycle from the point at
which it was interrupted.
8. THE END OF THE WASH CYCLE. This will be
indicated by the text “END” on the display; when the
DOOR LOCKED symbol switches off the door may be
opened (wait approximately 3 minutes). Open the door,
unload the laundry and switch off the machine.
! If you wish to cancel a cycle which has already begun,
press and hold the button. The cycle will be stopped
and the machine will switch off.
Load balancing system
Before every spin cycle, to avoid excessive vibrations
before every spin and to distribute the load in a uniform
manner, the drum rotates continuously at a speed which
is slightly greater than the washing rotation speed. If,
after several attempts, the load is not balanced correctly,
the machine spins at a reduced spin speed. If the load is
excessively unbalanced, the washing machine performs
the distribution process instead of spinning. To encourage
improved load distribution and balance, we recommend
small and large garments are mixed in the load.