Indesit IWDE 126 Washer/Dryer User Manual

Instructions for the fitter
Mounting the wooden panel onto the door and
inserting the machine into cabinets:
In the case where the machine must be shipped for final
installation after the wooden panel has been mounted, we
suggest leaving it in its original packaging. The packaging
was designed to make it possible to mount the wooden
panel onto the machine without removing it completely
(see figures below).
The wooden panel that covers the face of the machine
must not be less than 18 mm in thickness and can be
hinged on either the right or left. For the sake of
practicality when using the machine, we recommend that
the panel be hinged on the same side as the door for the
machine itself - the left.
Door Mounting Accessories (Fig. 1-2-3-4-5).
Fig. 1
N° 2 Hinges
N° 1 Magnet N° 1 Magnet plate
N° 1 Rubber plug
N° 2 Hinge Supports
N° 4 Spacers
Fig. 2
Fig. 3 Fig. 4
Fig. 5
Fig. 4/B
- No. 6 type A self-threading screws, l =13 mm.
- No. 2 type B metric, countersunk screws, l =25; for
fastening the magnet plate to the cabinet.
- No. 4 type C metric screws, l =15 mm; for mounting the
hinge supports to the cabinet.
- No. 4 type D metric screws, l =7 mm; for mounting the
hinges on the supports.
Mounting the Parts onto the Face of the Machine.
- Fit the hinge supports to the appliance front panel,
positioning the hole marked with an arrow in fig. 1 so that it
is on the inner side of the front panel. Fit a spacer (fig. 4/B)
between the surfaces using type C screws.
- Fit the magnet plate at the top of the opposite side,
using type B screws to fix two spacers (fig. 4/B) between
the plate and the surface.
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