Indesit IWDE 126 Washer/Dryer User Manual

Function Effect Comments
Enabled with
Delay Timer
Delays the start
of the wash by
up to 9 hours.
Press the button repeatedly until the LED corresponding to the
desired delay is turned on.
The fifth time the button is pressed, the function will be disabled.
N.B.: Once you have pressed the Start/Reset button, the delay
can only be decreased if you wish to modify it.
Easy iron
This option
reduces the
amount of
creasing on
fabrics, making
them easier to
When this function is set, programmes 4, 6 will end with the
laundry left to soak (Anti-crease) and the Rinse cycle phase
LED will flash.
- to conclude the cycle, press the START/RESET button;
- to run the draining cycle alone, set the knob to the relative
symbol and press the START/RESET button.
If you also want to run the drying cycle, this button is enabled
only if combined with level (Iron).
3, 4, 6,
9, 10,
Rinse cycle.
Extra Rinse
Increases the
efficiency of the
Recommended when the appliance has a full load or with large
quantities of detergent.
1, 2, 3, 4, 9,
10, 12, 13,
Rinse cycle.
Reduces the
spin speed.
except for 6,
7, 8 and
Setting the temperature
Turn the TEMPERATURE knob to set the wash temperature (see Programme table on page 10).
The temperature can be lowered, or even set to a cold wash (
Set the drying cycle
Turn the DRYING knob to set the desired drying type.
Two options are available:
A - Based on time: From 40 minutes to 180.
B - Based on the damp level of the dry clothes:
: slightly damp clothes, easy to iron.
: dry clothes to put away.
: very dry clothes, recommended for towelling
and bathrobes.
A cooling stage is foreseen at the end of the drying cycle.
If your laundry load to wash and dry is exceptionally in excess
of the maximum load foreseen (see table opposite), perform
the wash cycle, and when the programme is complete, divide up the garments and put part of them back in the
drum. Now follow the instructions provided for a dry only cycle. Repeat this procedure for the remainder of the load.
Dry only
Turn the PROGRAMME knob to one of the drying settings (7-8) depending on the type of fabric, then select the
desired drying type using the DRYING knob.
Important: - A spin cycle is carried out during the drying if you have set a cotton programme and a level of
dryness (Cupboard
, Hanger , Iron ).
- For cotton loads of less than 1 Kg, use the drying programme designed for delicate fabrics.
To enable a function:
1. press the button corresponding to the desired function, according to the table below;
2. the function is enabled when the corresponding button is illuminated.
Note: The rapid flashing of the button indicates that the corresponding function cannot be selected for the
programme set.
Table of drying times
The data contained in the
table are purely indicative.
Load type Max.
(kg) Cup-
Hanger Iron
Clothing of different sizes
5 180 170 140
Cotton Terry towels
5 180 170 140
Ter it al ,
Sheets, Shirts
2,5 140 120 100
Acrylics Pyjamas, socks, etc.
170 6560
Nylon Slips, tights, stockings, etc.
170 6560