Hoover washing machine Washer User Manual

Note: we recommend you keep the screws to
immobilise the machine for future transit.
The Manufacturers will not be responsible for any
possible damage to the machine caused by not
following the rules relating to releasing the mechanism.
The user is responsible for all costs of installation.
Water connection
The appliance must be connected to the water mains using new
The old hose-sets should not be re-used.
The machine has an inlet hose with 3/4" B.S.P threaded end
connection to attach between the threaded connector on the
appliance and the cold water supply.
This machine only uses cold water, therefore
only one hose is needed to connect to the cold
water supply. Do not connect to the hot supply.
Cold fill is an energy efficient system. Only the
water required for the washing is heated.There
is no loss of heat in the pipeline from a hot
water tank or boiler to the machine.
min 50 cm
max 85 cm
+2,6 mt max
max 100 cm
min 4 cm