Shark GI408Z 12 Iron User Manual

4. Turn the temperature dial to any of
the temperatures within the steam
band and allow the iron to heat for
approximately two (2) minutes before
ironing. Place iron on its heel (on a
stable, protected surface) while the iron
is warming to desired temperature.
5. Turn the variable steam control lever
to the right to increase the amount of
steam. When using extra steam, the
iron uses more water and it may be
necessary to fill the water tank more
often. (Fig. 2)
Fig. 2
CAUTION: DO NOT aim iron at
face, towards yourself, or
anyone else while using or adjusting
steam. Burns or serious injury may
The burst of steam feature is useful
when ironing denim, cotton and linens.
It provides quick bursts of steam which
aid in removing stubborn wrinkles.
The burst of steam feature can be used
with Dry or Steam ironing as desired.
1. Make sure the water tank is at least
1/2 filled with water.
2. Select the desired fabric and
temperature setting. Place the iron
on its heel (on a stable, protected
surface) and allow it to heat for
approximately 2 minutes.
3. With the iron in a horizontal position,
press the steam button several times
to prime the pump.
4. Slide the variable steam control to the
right to increase the amount of steam.
(Fig. 3) When using extra steam, the
iron uses more water and it may be
necessary to fill the tank more often.
See page 4 for refilling the iron with
5. Steam is produced as soon as the iron
is held in the horizontal position.
Steam will stop coming out when the
iron is put on its heel in a vertical
position or by setting the variable
steam control to “0”.
The atomizer spray nozzle is useful on
fabrics with stubborn wrinkles. Press the
spray button and a jet of water will spray
onto the fabric being ironed. (Fig. 4)
The water spray can be used with dry or
steam ironing as desired.
Fig. 4
Fig. 3
WARNING: To prevent fire, do
not leave iron unattended while
Sort articles to be ironed according
to the type of fabric. This will reduce
the need to adjust the temperature
for different types of garments.
If you are not sure of the fiber content
of a garment, test fabric by ironing a
small area such as a seam or inside
hem section before ironing a visible
area. Start with a low temperature
setting and gradually increase to find
the best setting.
When reducing the temperature to
iron sensitive fabrics, allow approx.
two (2) minutes for the iron to cool to
the new temperature setting.
Fabrics such as velour, wool, linen
and silk are best ironed with an
ironing cloth to prevent shine marks.
Always read garment labels and follow
the manufacturer’s ironing instructions.
Refer to the “Ironing Chart” on page 8 for
temperature recommendations
Use low settings for synthetics.
Use moderate settings for
wool, silks, and blends.
Use high settings for cottons
and linens.
1. Stand iron upright on its heel.
2. Plug the cord into a polarized, 120V
AC electrical outlet.
3. Turn the temperature control dial until
you get to the desired temperature
setting. (Fig. 5)
4. The light on the right side of the
temperature ready light will indicate
when the desired temperature has
been reached.
Fig. 5
1. Always empty iron after each use.
2. When finished using the iron, turn
the variable steam control to“0” and
the temperature control dial to "MIN".
3. Unplug the iron from the electrical
4. Turn the iron upside down over the
sink with the tip pointing downward
and allow the water to flow from the
5. Place iron upright and allow to cool
before storing.
The SHARK Lightweight Professional Iron
has an auto shut-off safety function which
is designed to engage after approximately
7 minutes of non-use. The auto shut-off
indicator light will flash when the auto
shut-off has activated. To reset your iron
and continue ironing follow these steps.
1. Lift the iron.
2. Holding the iron horizontally in front of
you, gently rock the iron back and
forth several times. This motion will
reset the safety switch inside the iron.
The red temperature ready light will
illuminate when the auto shut-off system
has been reset. Allow time for the iron to
re-heat. The red temperature indicator
light will go out when the iron is ready for
CAUTION Use caution
when emptying the iron.
Burns may occur from touching
hot metal surfaces, hot water or