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Nov 13th, 2011 at 7:08pm

my cabrio is making a high pitched squeaking…

for Whirlpool Clothes Dryer WED6400SB1

my cabrio is making a high pitched squeaking noise, it stops after about five minutes of running but does it every time i start the dryer. it is the wed6400sb1. I appreciate any help I can get,,


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  • dryerdog
    I have a Cabrio dryer and it started squeaking badly and HIGH! It was so strong I could not take it. I removed the back of the dryer and then removed the lint shoot, removing 2 screws on top of the dryer where trap goes in. Took caned air and blew out all the old lint etc that was in the shoot and in the fan.
    Then there is a inspection hole (bottom left) if you look in there you'll see the drum & drum belt, touch it and if it is brittle put some belt dressing on it. Then after this restart the dryer. If the sound stops, walla. Put it back together. If the belt is shredded or starting to shred call the technician and have them replace it.

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  • belvagillespie
    Thank you for the manual this is a great start

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