Viking SSFDC/A2 Camera Accessories User Manual

SmartMedia™ Memory Card/SSFDC & Adapter*
This guide is will cover the installation and care of Viking’s SmartMedia Memory
Card/Solid State Floppy Disk Card (SSFDC) and adapter.
Description Viking P/N
SmartMedia Adapter - Dual Voltage SSFDC/A2,RSSFDC/A2
2MB SmartMedia Memory Card - 3.3 Volt SSFDC3/2,RSSFDC3/2
4MB SmartMedia Memory Card - 3.3 Volt SSFDC3/4,RSSFDC3/4
8MB SmartMedia Memory Card - 3.3 Volt SSFDC3/8,RSSFDC3/8
16MB SmartMedia Memory Card - 3.3 Volt SSFDC3/16,RSSFDC3/16
2MB SmartMedia Memory Card - 5 Volt SSFDC/2,RSSFDC/2
4MB SmartMedia Memory Card - 5 Volt SSFDC/4,RSSFDC/4
*Adapter sold separately.
Electro Static Discharge (ESD) can damage electronic components. Before touching the mem-
ory module,ensure that you are discharged of static electricity by touching a grounded metal
• Do not bend or flex the card or the adapter.
• Do not drop the card or the adapter.
• Do not touch the gold leads on the card.
• Keep the card and adapter away from moisture.
• Keep the card and adapter out of direct sun light.
1. Position the adapter so that the Viking logo on its label is facing up. Insert the
SmartMedia memory card, with the gold leads on the card facing up, into the adapter.
For easy removal of the card from the adapter,there will be a small portion of the card
still visible when installed in the adapter. To remove the card from the adapter, firmly
grasp the edge of the card protruding from the adapter and pull it out.
2.Insert the adapter with the Viking logo on its label facing up into one of your comput-
er’s PC Card slot. Then firmly press the card into the slot to ensure it is completely seat-
ed. The adapter can only be
seated into this slot one way do
the the keying on the adapter.
Note: The SmartMedia memory
can be inserted or removed into
the adapter when the computer
is either on or off.
3. In most systems the
SmartMedia card is seen like a
hard drive.
In Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 based systems,go to the icon “My Computer” on your
systems desktop and double-click on it. You should see the SmartMedia card listed.
For Apples with Mac OS 7.53 or later (with Macintosh PC Exchange loaded), the
SmartMedia card will appear on the desktop.
Simply double-click on the SmartMedia card to open it. Information can them be placed
or retrieved from it like any other storage device.
Once a SmartMedia™ memory card has been used in the Diamond Rio PMP300, it can
only be used within this device.
This compatibility issue is due to the proprietary formatting of SmartMedia™ memory
cards by the Diamond Rio PMP300.
1.If the SmartMedia card and adapter are not seen by your computer.
• Some systems may have all of their IRQ’s occupied by built-in devices. A built-in device
may need to be disabled.
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