Desa DVFH34 Indoor Fireplace User Manual

Figure 34 - Gas Connection
* The CSA design-certified equipment shutoff valve may be supplied with the appliance
or you can purchase it from your retailer.
CAUTION: Use only new,
black iron or steel pipe. Inter-
nally-tinned copper tubing may
be used in certain areas. Check
your local codes. Use pipe of 1/2"
diameter or greater to allow
proper gas volume to fireplace. If
pipe is too small, undue loss of
pressure will occur.
Installation must include an equipment
shutoff valve, union, and plugged 1/8" NPT
tap. Locate NPT tap within reach for test
gauge hook up. NPT tap must be upstream
from fireplace (see Figure 34).
For propane/LP connection only, the in-
staller must supply an external regulator.
The external regulator will reduce incoming
gas pressure. You must reduce incoming
gas pressure to between 11 and 14 inches of
water. If you do not reduce incoming gas
pressure, heater regulator damage could
occur. Install external regulator with the
vent pointing down as shown in Figure 33.
Pointing the vent down protects it from
freezing rain or sleet.
Installation Items Needed
Before installing fireplace, make sure you
have the items listed below.
external regulator (supplied by installer)
piping (check local codes)
sealant (resistant to propane/LP gas)
equipment shutoff valve *
test gauge connection *
sediment trap
tee joint
pipe wrench
approved flexible gas line with gas con-
nector (if allowed by local codes) (not
* A CSA design-certified equipment shutoff
valve with 1/8" NPT tap is an acceptable
alternative to test gauge connection. Pur-
chase the CSA design-certified equipment
shutoff valve from your retailer.
WARNING: A qualified ser-
vice person must connect fire-
place to gas supply. Follow all
local codes.
CAUTION: For propane/LP
units, never connect heater di-
rectly to the propane/LP supply.
This heater requires an external
regulator (not supplied). Install the
external regulator between the
heater and propane/LP supply.
CAUTION: Use pipe joint seal-
ant that is resistant to liquid pe-
troleum (LP) gas.
Figure 33 - External Regulator with Vent
Pointing Down (Propane/LP Only)
Supply Tank
We recommend that you install a sediment
trap/drip leg in supply line as shown in
Figure 35. Locate sediment trap/drip leg
where it is within reach for cleaning. Install
in piping system between fuel supply and
heater. Locate sediment trap/drip leg where
trapped matter is not likely to freeze. A
sediment trap traps moisture and contami-
nants. This keeps them from going into
fireplace gas controls. If sediment trap/drip
leg is not installed or is installed wrong,
fireplace may not run properly.
CSA Design-Certified
Equipment Shutoff Valve
with 1/8" NPT Tap*
3" Minimum
Propane/LP - From External
Regulator (11" W.C. to 14"
W.C. Pressure)
Approved Flexible
Gas Line
Cap Pipe Nipple Tee Joint
Sediment Trap/Drip Leg
Natural - From Gas
Meter (5" W.C. to 10.5"
W.C. Pressure )
Install main gas valve
(equipment shutoff valve) in an accessible
location. The main gas valve is for turning
on or shutting off the gas to the appliance.
Check your building codes for any special
requirements for locating equipment shutoff
valve to fireplaces.
Apply pipe joint sealant lightly to male
threads. This will prevent excess sealant
from going into pipe. Excess sealant in pipe
could result in clogged fireplace valves.